3Gs – Ginger, Garlic and Green Chillies Paste – How to make and preserve

Ginger, Garlic and Green chillies are must in my cooking. I call my paste box a 3G Box. Actually, it used to be a 3G box but not it is 4G! I included my everyday Kadhi Masala as well. Kadhi masala is the combination of ginger, turmeric, mango ginger, green chili and curry leaves.
I make pastes and freeze them in bulk and use within six months. I keep then small amount of each pastes in my referigerator for daily use. I add enough salt so that all pastes stay great(Don’t forget to adjust salt quantity later while cooking-I only add salt if needed when I cook). Vinegar can be added as well to preserve. There are several ways to store them. You can buy them in small quantities and use within a week or two weeks. Some people use them fresh whenever needed. You can chop, grate or mince them to use in your recipes.
Preparing Ginger, Garlic and Green chili is very simple. Usually skin of Ginger and Garlic is removed before using but If ginger roots are young, I do not remove the skin. Stems are removed from green chili before using.
Ginger, Garlic and Green chili are not only used for flavor but there are lot of health benefits for using them in your daily cooking. Just to mention few, Garlic is good for heart, ginger root cures nausea and help with digestion, Green chilies contain vitamins B and E, and are a good source of iron and potassium, sinus-clearing heat.

Wash Ginger and Green Chili really well.

Remove the stems from Green Chili. Peel Ginger, Garlic and cut into small pieces if using grinder to make a paste.

Now, ready to make a paste or Just mince or grate and refrigerate for up to a week or freeze for longer use. As a preservative, you can use salt or the combination of salt vinegar. I usually add salt to preserve but if you wish to retain the color, vinegar helps. Also if salt is not your preference entirely, warm up the cooking oil and add in your pastes with just little salt and preserve your pastes in refrigerator or freezer.

I usually prefer to make pastes of ginger, garlic and green chili. I also keep small amount of ginger and garlic whole to use in my recipes as garlic bulb can stay well for up to few weeks outside and ginger can be refrigerated to retain freshness or bury in soil.