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Donut Tiramisu

Doughnut + Tiramisu = Donamisu or Tiramidonut? What would you name this recipe? Can’t find lady fingers to prepare Tiramisu? Make with donut? Lately, I haven been loving Doughnut Tiramisu. I use variety of donuts such as cinnamon, chocolate etc and prepare Tiramisu. Taste heaven! Samantha Salad gave this recipe the name “Tiramidonut”. Thanks Samantha …

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Quick Aloo Paratha (No Stuff)

Perfect Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch Aloo Paratha Recipe. I simply love them with Aachar(Indian Pickle) and Cucumber Raita(Spicy Yogurt) Aloo Paratha (Stuffed Spicy shallow fried Mashed Potato Bread) is very popular breakfast among all generations of people across length and breadth of India.. Instead of stuffing however, I thought of preparing it quickly by adding …