Cooking Smart with Bhavna-eBook-Electric Pressure Cooker

Cooking Smart with Bhavna -The complete guide to healthy and smart cooking. Cook multiple recipes at once. A very special thanks to Cosori for helping me writing this Book.
Welcome to my book of world cuisine featuring vegan and vegetarian recipes! This book is all about living life healthfully and tastefully. I believe variety is the spice of life, so I love to try recipes from many other cuisines besides Indian. These days, Whole Foods, bulk stores, and farmers’ markets are my favorite stores to visit, as I love to cook a variety of different foods. This book is an eBook available to read on Kindle. Did you know that Kindle is a free app widely available to download on most devices like iPhone, Android (Most smart phones), tablets and more. Once you have downloaded Kindle for free, you can they buy many free books or buy books at the lowest cost compared to printed books.
Book can be bought for Kindle from the link below.

You can preview the sample for this book and then decide to buy the book if you are interested in learning more.
Through this cookbook, I would like to share how one can serve restaurant-style food from home with minimal effort. Better yet, your family members and guests will think you’ve put hours of time and effort into preparing a meal!
Below is the video to know more about my ebook.

When I cooked my very first stew recipe in my Cosori Pressure Cooker, it tasted gourmet and delicious, like slow-cooked, restaurant-style stew. Pressure cooking is only a few hundred years old, and it only really became popular for home-use in the last century. When I was a child, using first-generation pressure cookers was still considered dangerous. They didn’t have all the built-in safety mechanisms of modern pressure cookers. I’ll never forget how I first learned about pressure cookers. I was about ten years old, and I saw one explode! Dal (lentils) all over the ceiling! On the cabinets! Almost
all over the kitchen! What a mess. I never got discouraged, though, from using a pressure cooker in my daily cooking. And now that time has passed, I’m more confident than ever in using my pressure cooker. But I’m transitioning to an electric pressure cooker, because it has more safety features, it’s easier to use, and it has more cooking options.

Why do I love Kindle reading?
It’s convenient. You can carry five thousand books in your purse. It’s great for traveling,and it’s nice to always have a book (or a thousand books) handy when you’re waiting in line or stuck in traffic.
You can get an amazing number of books for free from the Kindle Store or from websites such as the Gutenberg Project. If something isn’t available in Kindle format, you can send it as an attachment to a special e-mail address, and it will deliver it automatically to your Kindle.
Recent books are a little cheaper in Kindle format than print.
You can also surf the web (clumsy but it works), listen to mp3 recordings (music or podcasts), and play games.
The dictionary feature is especially nice. Put your cursor in front of a word, and you can see the definition of that word immediately. A great way to increase your vocabulary.
You can increase the font size.
You can search for a certain word in a book.
You save a lot of trees.