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Indhumathi Bhaskaran

Bhavan s Kitchen sure is my go to cookery website!!! Superb , thanks to you I am actually cooking with so much love!!!

Nawshin Marzia _Audrey

Whenever I make up my mind of going into the kitchen I visit your cooking class. Unlike other Indians you prepare everything from scratch. Your skills are very nice. The recipes you teach never fail to make my family overeat.

Shauna Russ

I really enjoy your videos and your recipes. I also greatly appreciate your health/wellness videos and have incorporated some of your suggestions into my typical routine – thanks so very much!

Smallville Boyd

You are so inspirational! It has become more vital to my health as I have become older. I have to change my diet because of stomach problems now. Your recipes have flavor and nutritious! Thank you very much.

Manel Gamadone

Bhavana I love your nice and healthy recipies.Thank you very much. I have been watching your recipes for few years.I really appreciate your ways because you are living away and keeping your traditional cooking. Thanks again.

Mumtaz Virani

I appreciate your practical and delicious recipes and have enjoyed following it. The way you demonstrate, is very simple and easy to follow, I am very excited to make butter and ghee at home. Thanks for being a part of our healthy lifestyle, with best wishes.