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You don’t need 50 different pots. You don’t need 20 cups or 5 different sets of dishes. KEEP ONLY WHAT YOU NEED AND USE and get rid of the rest. If you haven’t used something in a year, chances are you won’t really ever use it so just say goodbye to it. Having a clutter free kitchen puts my mind at ease and just makes the cooking and cleaning up process so much easier and more enjoyable as well.


Celebrating 25 Years of Computing

I am sure this story relates to many immigrants and more.
Trends in information technology change rapidly and I couldn’t keep up with it while going through different stages in my life. Marriage, children, responsibilities, health and many other factors affect our daily lives and we make decisions based on current circumstances.


My Home Fitness – At-Home No Cost Workouts

No Cost Free Fitness Formula That Works No Gym? No Problem. – Free At-Home Workout Plan‎!
Want to get strong and slim? But no time to go to gym? You have come to the right place to get you started. I have been following classic old school fitness exercises for a long time now. I love to start my morning with Yoga, walk, run, jog and so on. Sometimes, jumping rope, weight lifting, bicycling are on my fitness workout. So basically, you don’t have to invest in expensive fitness equipment unless your goal is to build heavy muscles…