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Bhavna’s Kitchen is your one tasty destination for vegetarian recipes from around the world with a hint of Indian flavor!
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Want to cook some exotic food? Don’t know where to start? Welcome aboard! Quick vegetarian Cooking gives busy people everywhere the tips, tricks and simple recipes …Recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts, with tips, glossary, and much more…Tired of trial and error? Looking for more than just written instructions? Here is the solution. Watch start to finish recipe videos…Reading or hearing recipes 100 times is not as good as watching it just once!
Most Indian recipes are well crafted with nutrition and flavor. Indian cuisine is vast as each and every region has their own specialty. So I actually do not have to look further than Indian recipes to prepare my everyday meal but I love to try out different variety of cuisine recipes as well.
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  1. Hello, I am following your recipes for last 6 months and they have really helped me a lot. Just a small request, can you also show some authentic, South Indian recipes like pesarrutu(moong dosa), Yellow rice and idli batter recipe please…. Thank you