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  1. Hi Bhavna
    I am getting only coconut chutney in ur site. I want some more chutneys in ur site. Plz share instant chutneys or any type of chutneys. please

  2. Hi Bhavna
    ur recipies are superb. I tries and tastes very good.
    I want chutney recipies.
    Plz post all types of chutneys plz. i want instant chutney.

  3. Hi Bhavna, I don’t know what is wrong but i posted twice my questions. Here is again.

    I love ICE HALWA and i tried to make it at home with same quantity you mentioned in your video. But unfortunately i am not success. After rolling Halwa on Aluminium foil, it is stuck on foil and now doesn’t even come off. Do we need to Apply Ghee on foli before we spread? It has been two days but it is nor dry like MohanBhai’s Halwa. Also it is very hard to Chew (Chavvad) and not crispy at all like MOhanBhai’s Halwa. Can you please tell me that what should have gone wrong ? I would really appreciate your help. I love this halwa.

    Thank you.

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