Tea Time/Snacks

Tea time is a very special time for some of us. Sit back, get relaxed and have a cup of tea. Celebrate summer with candlelit evening high tea, and serve season-inspired recipes your guests are sure to enjoy. Organise tea parties, friends & family gathering. Old Fashioned afternoon tea etiquette, menus, recipes and traditions.

Easy Indian Brunch Menu Ideas

These leisurely homemade brunch ideas will help you do it up in style. So I try to think of recipes from my breakfast and lunch menu and come up with combined recipe that can be put together easily. Brunch combines the absolute best flavors of breakfast and lunch.

Samosa Pie

When looking for healthier version of fried fast food junk samosa, try this samosa pie….Read More

Mixed Sprouts Poha

Take your traditional breakfast or light lunch poha to the next level. Poha (beaten rice) is the ingredient that most Indian households have in the pantry and poha allows to make quick recipes anytime.