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This site is your everyday cooking solution. From simple scratch cooking to exotic dishes, we would love to offer something for every skill level and satisfies a cooking enthusiast’s desire to discover a new recipe and then prepare it and share it.

Some people think that being vegetarian means relying on limited food. But the fact is that there is millions of variety of mouth-watering vegetarian dishes. So if you are vegetarian, be proud of it. If you are not vegetarian, making transition from non-vegetarian to vegetarian is not difficult. Many people have decided not to eat meats, chicken, turkey and seafood, and to try the vegetarian way of eating. A vegetarian diet is a good way to cut down on the large amounts of fat we often get from meat. In fact, it’s a good idea for everyone to eat some meatless meals each week.

As a teenager, I was very picky about eating food. I always wanted to eat restaurant style food. I expected restaurant taste in home-made cooking. Even though I wanted to eat tasty food but never knew how to cook. Interest for cooking was somewhere in the corner of my heart. After getting married, not a lot but few responsibilities came on and started cooking with whatever I could make. Usually, Daal-Subji. Lot of time, tried to learn something new and kept doing until got little success. So if I can cook anybody can cook.

My family needs to have proper breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. so we cook a lot. My interest for cooking got more creative because repeated dishes make everyone board and we may lose interest in eating. So to retain everyone’s interest, I make traditional recipes with new ideas to give it new look and test. I love to cook Chinese, Italian, Mexican, American and of course Indian. Sometimes I bring fusion in some dishes. Say, I am making Dosa. I would make different fillings such as for kids cheese Dosa, for adult ready-made Hash Brown with bell peppers and make it tasty with Indian herbs and spices. We always learn something new from each recipes.
I believe that you can make your loved one happy by cooking something different everyday. Eating fresh cooked food keep everyone healthy. Your cooking should include at least grains, beans, lentils, colorful vegetables and fruits, milk and so on. You will learn more vegetarian cooking with us. We would love to show you how you can bring fusion in your everyday cooking recipes to make it more exotic.

so enjoy our stomach to heart fusion recipes

Company history

I have been cooking and trying new recipes since 2002. Cooking is my passion. So lately, I decided to share my recipe ideas with food lovers. We launched SuperVeggieDelight- YOUTUBE channelĀ in March 2009 with lots of excitement and I am glad that I started video instructions for those who really love to learn and cook their food at home.

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    Thanx..keep enjoying!

  2. Bhavna says:

    Tomato soup is a very simple recipe. I would add basil to enhance flavor.