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I have gone through many good and bad experiences in the kitchen. We would love to share that with all of you. Specially it will be very helpful for begginers. We, Indians, cook most of the time without any measurement. We also eyeboll most of the time. We started measuring ingredients in our kitchen since we thought of sharing our cooking experience with others.


Beginners always should watch out for measurement. Once you get expert, you will hardly use measuring tools. But when you start initially, make sure you make very small batch of any recipes. The best way to make your cooking experience stressfree is when you following any recipe, first gather all the needed ingredients on the kitchen counter. Then use measurement tools if recipe requires. If you make just small batch of any recipe, you will have opportunity to fix according to your taste. Do not initiate new recipe if you don’t have sufficient time. If you making anything first time, give yourself sufficient time to make it properly. So there is no disappointment later.

Spices are the key ingredient for some exotic recipes. Always buy fresh spices. Do not buy them on sale. Buy them from where there is good turn over. Store them properly. Keep your pantry organized so that you can see what you have and what you don’t. Keep list pad in the pantry as well. Keep writing the stuff that you need so you can buy them when you go to grocery store next time.

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