Cooking for kids is a big challenge for some parents. Specially kids going to school. Making breakfast early morning, preparing lunch box and again after school snack or meal. During holidays, On the other hand, it’s fun cooking with kids. I have two lovely kids. And I prefer always home cooked food over cafeteria food. Once in a while it’s okay to grab something from school cafeteria but being vegetarian, cafeteria food is not enough sometimes. So I have tried here to share what I do with my kids. For me, making breakfast, lunch or snack is fun. I usually take fresh lunch to my son’s cafeteria and spend great lunch time with him whenever I work afternoon shift or day off at work. The other days, he takes luch box with him. I will share here as I discover ideas for kid’s recipes categorized by breakfast, lunch box and after school snack.
Preplanning is required for kid’s lunch box. Make sure to stock your pantry with basic ingredients. To make fresh breakfast, lunch or snack, I usually avoid making everything from scratch. I choose to make semi home made easy recipes that can be prepared in no time. So follow the list of basic ingredients suggested by me. You can always have your own list as well.

Pleasing your little one, specially fussy kids, with your home made food is not so easy. They see other classmates eating different food. So it’s normal for your kids to react at homemade food. But if you make fun food for them, they will sure eat rather than bringing back lunch box uneaten or unfinished. I have noticed that cafeteria food is simple, so you can easily please your kids with your creative ideas.

 If you prefer making hot breakfast, then here are some suggestions to make quick, easy and yet delicious breakfast recipes your kids will sure love.

Now, you must be thinking why do we have to go through so much of these troubles. But let me tell you why you need to go extra miles for your kid’s healthy food. You have total control what your kids eat. There are lot of health problems catreated by junk food. So you need to explain your kids, or growing kids what is appropriate for them. My son refused in the beginning to take lunch from home eventhough he loves home cooked food. I was little confused what to do. The issue was not the food but he saw other kids taking food from cafeteria so he was in the impression that he spposed to buy his food from there as well. I spoke with his teacher and she agreed to support me for this matter. And it workded out great. I am confident that I can provide the best food to my kids. Just needed to be more creative and funful with their food and now he really enjoy all the food made exclusively by me. But still, once in a while, I allow him to buy from cafeteria because you will have some days hectic and you might not get time to make fresh meals for them.

If you want your kids to eat your home cooked food, then you have to involve them in planning and cooking as well whenever it’s possible for you. You might have to take them to grocery store even to know their choices. Of course, you take them to the aisles that sells healthy food. Idea of involving them works great. They get more excited about food picked by themselves.

Now, here I have catagorized kid’s recipes in three different sections. But you can always mix/match or play around when you want to give/serve. The recipe I suggested for breakfast might go well in lunch box or may fit for after school snack. So it’s always your preference. But I have catagorized them according to the time frame to make your life easier. 

Breakfast Delights

For breakfast, I usually prefer giving them milk and cereal. So I stock all kinds of cereals. I let my kids pick cereals they want. So mornings are good for me but sometimes I love to give special treats. I also buy cookies, ready made waffeles, pan cakes, muffins or anything I think of would go well during breakfast. I always prefer to buy healthy breakfast such as buy the products made from whole grains, and provide more fiber.

Lunch Box Treats

After school snacks



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