Pimples | Acne Remedies

Do you want to know how to get rid of pimples overnight fast? Then Keep reading till the end of this post. All of us wish to have pimple free smooth, shiny face. And it is hard but not impossible to get the skin you want. Few extra care will help you to maintain your skin easily.

I hardly get pimples. All my siblings have gone through painful pimples but I was the lucky one to get pimples very rare. And with some home remedies I am able to achieve actually smooth, tight skin.

Pimples are small skin lesions or inflammations of the skin – they develop when sebaceous glands (oil glands) become clogged and infected, leading to swollen, red lesions filled with pus. Pimples are also known as spots or zits. You may have prayed for your pimples to go away when you were in high school, but the sad truth is that most adults still deal with blemishes from time to time.

Before trying remedies, let’s first find out the reasons to get pimples and how you can prevent them.
Following reasons may cause pimples
There are different types of pimples and acne, and there are several reasons for a breakout of pimples.
Hormonal Pimples

It is seen that pimples are more common among young boys and girls who have reached their puberty. These kind of pimples are caused by hormonal changes that take place in the body and makes sebaceous glands overactive. The overproduction of sebum blocks the skin pores and causes pimples.

Stress – Excessive chronic stress disrupts the normal functions of the body and triggers the breakout of pimples and acne.
Improper Skin Care

Improper skin care like not regularly cleaning, toning and moisturizing the face and not removing makeup before going to bed also causes pimples.

Following are some tips to prevent pimples:
Avoid High GI Foods – Research shows that excessive consumption of foods that have a high glycemic index like baked goods, sugary foods and sweet beverages and dairy products and also promote pimple breakouts.
More tips to keep in mind

Keep your face clean. Whether or not you have acne, it’s important to wash your face twice daily to remove impurities, dead skin cells, and extra oil from your skin’s surface. …
Always use a moisturizer that minimizes dryness and skin peeling….
Use makeup sparingly. …
Watch what you put on your hair. Oily hair can develop more acne.
Keep your hands off your face.
Stay out of the sun.

Now, let’s look at some home remedies to prevent and cure acne

1. Ice

Ice can be used to quickly reduce the redness, swelling and inflammation of pimples. It helps in improving blood circulation to the affected area, and in tightening the skin pores and removing dirt and oil accumulated on the skin. You can use ice cubes or crushed ice, whichever is convenient.

Wrap the ice in a piece of cloth and hold it on the affected skin area for a few seconds.
Wait a few minutes and repeat the process.
2. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a powerhouse when it comes to acting as an acne remedy. Why? It kills off the bacteria that may be causing all the trouble in the first place. It also becomes alkaline, and balances the pH of your skin, which in turn makes it harder for bacteria to thrive. To top it off it’s an astringent, like lemon juice, and will help dry up excess oil. Keeping that in mind, don’t overdo and dry out your skin too much. This could cause the sebaceous glands overproduce to compensate, therefore triggering an outbreak.

You will need…
-Pure unfiltered apple cider vinegar
-Fresh water

Wash your face with water and pat dry. Using a ratio of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water, dip a cotton ball into vinegar and apply it directly to the blemish. Leave on for at least 10 minutes, or overnight. Reapply several times a day, washing face thoroughly after each time. Make sure to use a moisturizer afterwards as well if you feel like your skin is getting dry.

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3. Aloe for acne

Aloe vera gel can be used with other things to fight acne, but it’s a good thing on its own as well. If it’s going to be used on its own, the best is to have a little aloe plant floating around in your house, otherwise a good gel that’s sold in stores may work as well-just do some research on which ones have the least amount of additives. Not only is the aloe soothing, it works as an anti-inflammatory, decreasing redness and swelling. It also has antibacterial properties.

You will need…
-Enough aloe vera gel to spot treat or cover your problem areas
Wash your face with water and pat dry. Using your fingertips or a Q-tip, apply the aloe directly to your problem areas.

4. Baking Soda
Baking soda, Sodium bicarbonate, glorious sodium bicarbonate, swoops in and makes itself useful in too many ways to count. In the case of acne remedies, this fabulous substance (also known as baking soda) is useful thanks to its mild antiseptic properties, as well as its uncanny ability to fight off fungus and bacteria and dry up excess oil, all while exfoliating your skin via microdermabrasion and making it soft and beautiful. I know-I get star struck too now whenever I see a box of baking soda.
You will need…
-a box of baking soda
-fresh water
There are two ways to go about this-making a facial mask, or a straightforward scrub. For a facial mask, mix equal parts baking soda to water to form a thick paste. Massage the paste on in slow circular motions for a 2 minutes. Leave the mask on for around 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water, pat dry, and moisturize.

For a scrub, mix a half a cup of baking soda with one eighth a cup of water. Apply the paste to your face, massaging it in well. After 5-6 minutes of this, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water, pat dry, and moisturize.

5. Toothpaste
The toothpaste that you use every morning to clean your teeth also can be used to treat pimples quickly. It is most effective when used following the ice remedy. You must use white toothpaste; avoid using gel toothpaste.
Apply some white toothpaste over the affected skin area before going to bed.
In the morning, wash your face with water and you will see a significant improvement in the swelling.
If you wish, you can repeat the process in the daytime also. Just make sure the toothpaste remains on the pimples for at least half an hour.

6. Lemon
Lemon juice can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients directly on the skin.
Dab clean fingers, a cotton ball or cotton swab in a halved lemon and apply the juice directly to the pimple overnight.
Mix the lemon juice with a bit of honey, yogurt or egg white to help cure the acne while protecting your skin. If you go this route, mix the lemon juice – about half a lemon should do – with a spoonful of egg white or honey and apply as a mask for 20 minutes. People with sensitive skin may want to try this method if the straight lemon juice stings.
Some people sleep with lemon juice mixed with honey on their face, but the mess on the pillow may not be worth the possibility of clear skin in the morning. If you want to use lemon juice at night, dab a tiny bit on with your finger or a Q-tip. Be sure you only touch the pimple itself, or you may wake up with a white spot where the rest of the lemon juice ended up.

7. Tea Tree Oil
You must be thinking oil? Oil is the enemy of pimples and I am telling you to use tea tree oil here. But With its natural inflammation-fighting properties, a 5 percent solution of tea tree oil is less harsh than a 5 percent benzoyl peroxide solution and can be just as effective against acne, though it may clear up a little less quickly. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with between 20 and 40 drops of witch hazel, then use a cotton swab to apply. Try this remedy up to twice a day; more could dry your skin and make the acne worse.
I realized the power of tea tree little late but I am simply loving it now.

8. Honey
Honey’s antibiotic properties can help improve acne. Apply a teaspoon of honey to affected areas, or make a mask by mixing 1/2 cup of honey with 1 cup of plain oatmeal and leaving it on for 30 minutes.

9. Mint
Mint can help remove pore-clogging oil. To help clear acne before it begins, mix 2 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh mint with two tablespoons each of plain yogurt and oatmeal (use a blender to pulverize the oatmeal to powder). Leave the concoction on your face for 10 minutes, then rinse off with water.

10. Aspirin
The salicylic acid in aspirin is a go-to for acne treatments, and the aspirin can dry up pimples and reduce inflammation. To take advantage of its benefits, form a paste by mashing aspirin in a little water, or dissolve four pills in 2 tablespoons of water.

11. Omega 3 / Flax Seeds
Omega-3 fatty acids – appears to help some people clear up their skin faster. This is because omega-3s reduce inflammation in a few different ways.
Like other omega-3 essential fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid found in flaxseed is a potent anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce inflammation in a variety of health conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease and some skin conditions. The typical American diet tends to be high in omega-6 fatty acids, which promote inflammation in your body. Adding flaxseed can help to restore a healthy balance and may improve acne.[/show_more]