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5 Ways to KEEP Master Bedroom Clean

The master bedroom to me has become my little sanctuary since having kids. It’s the first room I see when I open my eyes and it’s the last room I see, of course, before falling asleep. It’s the room I like to come into if I need a moment to myself and it has also become the room where I do all my YouTube work. So, as you can imagine, I want this space to be a very calming place for me. I want to not feel overwhelmed by it and I want it to give me a sense of peace and tranquility. Now, for me, a calm space is a space that is clean and decluttered. These two things are extremely important to me and make a HUGE difference on my mood and mindset.

There was a point in time where the master bedroom was becoming the last room I got to cleaning in my home. The main living area always came first and with having a pretty decent sized house, sometimes I just found it hard to make time to clean my master bedroom and bathroom.

So, I finally came up with a quick weekly cleaning routine. I have been doing it for a few months now and it is really making a HUGE difference on how my room stays. I can either take 2 hours to clean it while my kids have quiet time in their room or clean it after they go to bed at night or sometimes, I even take care of it while they are busy working on an activity in my room. Doing a quick weekly cleanup has made it so I don’t have to do a deep clean too often and my room stays pretty clean, organized and decluttered.

In this post, I wanted to share 5 WAYS to keep your master bedroom clean and organized on a regular basis. Actually, all these habits/tips work for your home in general, so if you can build on them you will really be able to maintain a clean home overall.

Weekly Cleaning Routine

This first habit to build is just what I talked about above. I just made a YouTube video where I shared my weekly bedroom/bathroom cleaning routine. Check it out right here:

Daily Cleaning Routine

Make sure you do not wait for your designated weekly cleaning day to pick up things around your room. If your room is anything like mine, there are constantly things in there that don’t need to be. I like to make sure I do a daily pickup/cleanup in the room so that my weekly cleaning routine goes smoothly, quickly and I can actually focus on cleaning as opposed to putting a ton of things away. So, make your bed daily, put away your makeup you used in the morning, hang up your clothes daily, etc.

Use the Right Products/Gadgets

Having the right cleaning products/gadgets can really make a huge difference on your cleaning. Sometimes they just make it more fun to clean and sometimes they make the job so much easier that you don’t find it to be so dreadful. I have a really big master bedroom and bathroom. I used to absolutely dread vacuuming it until I started using cordless stick vacuums. The one I used for years was the Dyson and I absolutely love this vacuum but hate that it is so expensive. Not everyone can justify spending over $500 on a vacuum. I was recently sent a cordless vacuum to try from a company called Toppin. This vacuum sells for UNDER $200 and after trying it out for a few weeks I have to say that this vacuum is seriously AMAZING. The suction is incredible, it’s lightweight, quiet, easy to clean out, and so much more. They have given me a discount code to share with all my readers that you can use to get 15% off their whole website. So, make sure to take advantage of this. I truly recommend this vacuum and am so impressed with its quality and price. You can see it in action in the YouTube video I shared above as well.

Website: https://toppinlife.com/

Discount Code: Ashna15

Scan Regularly

So, this one might sound crazy but it’s probably my MOST EFFECTIVE habit. On a regular basis, I like to quickly “scan” my room. I run my eyes along all areas of my room, in the drawers, cabinets, etc. and what I am scanning for is anything that doesn’t belong or that I don’t need. During this process I am decluttering, making sure that my set up still makes sense and also doing a quick tidy up. These regular scans help maintain my space so well so that I am not having to constantly deep clean.

Have Less

I think my best tip is to not have a ton of things to begin with in your room. The less furniture you have, the less storage you have and the less storage you have, the less stuff you will be able to keep. The less stuff you have the better and easier to keep a clean space. Same thing with décor. It’s easy to see something nice in the store and buy it but the more stuff you have in your room, the more dusting you will also have. So now I really think twice before I buy any décor or furniture. Keep it simple. You don’t want your space to be too cluttered because that will also clutter up your mind.

And those are the 5 tips/habits that I wanted to share with you in this post. Again, don’t forget to check out my YouTube video where I shared my weekly master bedroom cleaning routine and don’t forget to use my discount code to get your very own cordless stick vacuum from Toppin! Trust me, it’s going to make you want to vacuum more often 😊

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