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Are You Giving Your Kitchen Enough Love?

Now that spring time is here, I am FULL ON deep cleaning my house. This is my favorite time of year to really get deep and get areas of my home clean that I don’t clean on a regular basis. There is just something about that fresh spring air blowing in through my windows that gets me so inspired to tackle all the cleaning.

The kitchen is an area of the home that gets used so much-all year round. Now I usually keep my kitchen pretty clean and organized but there are some areas that even I seem to ignore.

I finally tackled those areas and included everything in this weeks YouTube video which is linked right here so make sure you check it out for TONS of cleaning motivation and more detail about all the areas I shared below:

Before I get into my list, I wanted to mention the importance of taking care of yourself even while cleaning. For years and years, I cleaned without wearing gloves and a mask but as I get older, I am becoming more aware of the negative effects of certain chemicals and am really trying to make sure I take proper precautions. These are the gloves I use to do my cleaning and I also try to wear them when I wash dishes as well.

Ok, let’s get started 😊

Sealing Stone Backsplash

This is something you want to tackle every 6 months at least. If you do a lot of cooking with oil, I would even suggest every 3 months, especially in spots that you use a lot like behind your stove. This is the sealer I use on my backsplash and love it! It makes day-to-day cleaning so much easier as it is easier to wipe and food just comes right off with a wet rag.

All you do is spray the sealer onto your backsplash LIBERALLY. Let the product soak in for a few minutes. You don’t want it to soak for too long either. Then just go in with a dry rag and rub the product in.

This is something that maybe you didn’t think to do so I really wanted to mention it first because this makes cleaning so much more effective for me on a daily basis.

Polishing Granite Countertops

A lot of us love granite countertops but you need to remember to SHOW them some love sometimes. I use this granite polishing spray to do this. All you do is spray it onto your counters and wipe them down. Super easy yet really makes your counters look shiny and new!

Note: Don’t forget to shine ALL the granite in your home (bathroom, laundry room, etc.).

Oven Hood

I don’t use any chemicals for my hood, as I am scared it’ll wipe the paint off, but cleaning it with a wet rag every few months has kept it in pretty good shape since we have been in this house over 6 years now. Remember to take out the vent and give it a good wash. I like to put it into my dishwasher when I am running a cleaning cycle on it.


How can your dishwasher do its job if it itself stinks? You need to give your dishwasher a good clean but it’s really not that difficult. I like to just sprinkle the bottom with baking soda, add a cup with vinegar to the top rack and run the hottest cycle possible. That gets rid of any smells built up in there.

Note: Remember to always wipe down your dishwasher door after running a cycle. You don’t want to close it with the door wet and leave that water to build mold.


It’s a little embarrassing but I feel like I hardly clean my microwave haha. Yes, I do spot cleaning if food has splashed but I hardly ever give it a GOOD cleaning.

When I do remember to clean it I usually just add one cup of water and one cup of vinegar to a microwave safe bowl and then turn the microwave on for 8 minutes. This releases steam in the microwave and starts to break apart any stuck-on food so that it is easy to wipe off. I found this fun little gadget on Amazon the other day and can’t wait to try it out as well!


I don’t think I cleaned my oven in years! It looked clean to me to be honest, but when I finally went in there and scrubbed, I saw how dirty it was. I like to make a paste with baking soda and vinegar and scrub out my oven with this mixture. I also use it on the oven door. For the racks I like to use Easy Off. Make sure you are wearing a mask and gloves when using this product. It’s my favorite kitchen product but it’s also the harshest.

Stove Range

The last thing to clean is the stove. We all wipe our stoves down but it really needs EXTRA love sometimes. I like to use Easy Off for my stove. When I do a deep clean on it, I like to take out as many parts as I can and give them a good wash as well. Make sure to use a non-scratching sponge to scrub your stove as you don’t want to scratch it up.

If you want to see how to clean any of these areas in more depth again don’t forget to head over to my YouTube channel 😊

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