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Ugly Imperfect Misfits Vegetables Produce

Ugly Imperfect Misfits Vegetables Produce.

As you can see in the image, sometimes I get the best out of my gardening and sometimes sad looking vegetables. I love them equally regardless of their look and feel.

Ugly but tasty food that is normally being thrown away. I grew these ugly beauty to eat and not to throw away!

In a #grocery store, we are likely to buy perfectly looking vegetables. This is problematic because this leads to edible but “ ugly”

#Eating ugly #vegetables can save the environment and give you a frugal way to eat more produce.

I love how nature surprises me! The other day, I got all the eggplants 🍆 with deficiencies and so I fed some more soil and cow manure to all my plants and brought back them to life… I can also feel climate change here as my garden started producing more vegetables but I think cold waves from next week will affect.

Composting cow manure has several benefits. In addition to eliminating harmful ammonia gas and pathogens (like E. coli), as well as weed seeds, composted cow manure will add generous amounts of organic matter to your soil. By mixing this compost into the soil, you can improve its moisture-holding capacity.
Below is the playlist of my all gardening videos. Enjo!


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