Pan Pizza


Hello! I am Bhavna. Born and raised in India but reside in the USA at present. I love to cook and share my family recipes with others.

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8 Responses

  1. komal says:

    Hi bhavna,
    So i can put the dough in the refrigerator once it has risen. And when i want to use it, i should allow it to come to room temperature and then roll in to pizza right ? I mean will it rise again ? Will the result will be same as the fresh made dough ? How long can i store in the fridge ?
    Thank you very much for your replies. It means a lot to me.


  2. Bhavna says:

    Hi Komal
    I store pizza dough after it’s completely fermented so basically after rest period. Then when you are ready to use, let it come to room temperature for best result.