Bikini Beach Body Challenge – My Summer Diet Routine

I live in Florida and I have two kids ready to go on the beach as soon as summer hits. I also love to spend my time on the beach and obviously I want to look good in my beach cloths. Right diet plays vital role in staying fit.

Many of my viewers on YouTube and blog followers ask me the secret of my diet. But to be honest, I have no secret formula. Whatever I share on all of my blog/vlog, that’s all I do. Since I was getting high volume of request, I thought of writing this post.

Any recipes that I will be talking about can be found on my YouTube Channel.
My summer diet is mostly liquid….drink up. During the summer, we need more water than usual because of the heat, so it’s easy to chug it down. It also fills you up between meals. Drinking more water can help you lose weight, so make sure you stick with this diet tip into the fall and all year long.

Some of my favorite summer drinks are coconut water, lemon mint water, spicy buttermilk known as Chaas in India, and freshly squeezed orange juice.  These kind of beverages not only keep you cool and refreshed but also help to loose weight. I live in Florida and it gets really hot here during summer, up to 100F… When I feel like having little natural sugar, I juice out some fruits and veggies together.

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I have invested in two best juicers. I just simply love them both. I can drink juices without any guilt as I know there is no artificial sugar, color and other additives. So much satisfaction of drinking homemade juices. I highly recommend to invest in Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor as this is the only one you will ever need to juice out any fruits or veggies. I invested in orange juicer as well just because it is quick to juice out. You can visit my summer refreshments here.

Fresh fruits are my snacks during summer. Berries. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, black raspberries, blackberries — these delicious colorful berries contain a powerhouse of antioxidants that help prevent cellular damage. They are also an excellent source of fiber and very low in calories. Eat them by the handful or work more of them into your diet. To add extra nutrition, I sometimes eat fresh fruits with some nuts like walnut, almond or some other healthy nuts. Sometimes, I eat yogurt based treats like Cucumber mint Dip (Kakdi Pudina Raita) as well. My other favorite snack pick is Avocado. I just halve the Avocado, sprinkle salt, pepper or cumin powder on it. Squeeze little lemon juice and eat!

All these drinks and snacks help me to stay fit and also keep me glowing. Mango and Avocado are my favorite skin glowing snacks!
Now, when it comes to lunch time, it has to be light and so I prefer Salads and sandwiches. I try to add as much nutrition as I can. Pudas (Pudlas or aka Cheelas)- basically savory pancakes are my favorite pick as well. My playlist for summer recipes can be found on YouTube.

When it comes to supper/dinner however, I like to have proper diet meal. At least 3 days of my dinner meal menu is my Gujarati Complete Thali. The other days of week includes some international meal menu such as Italian, Mexican, Chinese or something new to try…

Between all these, I never forget to treat myself with some of my favorite treats at all…eating smart is important but sometimes, I satisfy my crave with some not so call healthy food as well. The key is to focus on good diet that is not boring.
Check out all my video playlists below for summer diet recipes.

I am glad I still get to wear the cloths I want and look great. It is a great feeling to see myself the way I want to look like.