Vegetable Stock Broth from Kitchen Scraps

A must cooking tip all cook should know.
Are you throwing away veg scraps like carrot ginger peels, stems of onion peppers, shells of peas and so on…now on, don’t. I recommend to wash and save them in your refrigerator or freezer and when you have enough, prepare flavorful stock or broth.

Turning vegetable scraps into a simple stock couldn’t be more budget-savvy or eco-friendly, and it’s crazy easy. Now, you must be thinking about the time it would take to simmer all veggies but wait, did you know you can make vegetable stock in the pressure cooker in minutes for a fraction of the cost of buying canned stock? I can’t think of my life without pressure cooker as it has been a big friend in my kitchen.
Today’s pressure cookers aren’t the scary pressure cookers your mom used. Make better tasting meals in a fraction of the time in an easy-to-use electric pressure cooker if you are not comfortable using pressure cooker.
I am so glad to learn this tip as I always found store bought stocks so expensive and not so good at flavor. My winter diet includes soup and stews and I use stock almost every other day.
So let’s look at the recipe. Actually, there is no particular recipe to make this crazy easy stock or broth.
All I do is thaw partially all veg scraps if frozen and toss them into the pressure cooker with water as needed. I also add some herbs and spices such ginger peel, garlic or some stems of herbs or the leaves of fresh herbs, depending on what i have that day in my kitchen. Cover and lock the cooker, hear about 2 whistles and turn off the stove, let cooker cool naturally and open when all the pressure is released. Add salt pepper and stir well.
Next strain and that’s it. You have made low sodium, totally homemade, way cheaper than store bought stock in no time.

Now, you can use vegetable stock in many soup and stew recipes.