Healthy Sandwich

In some of my episodes, I will be sharing weight management recipes and tips. It will be my ongoing effort to share with you all about my life style and more as many of you have requested.
I am not a Nutritionist, so I do not claim that my plan will work for you but may help you to manage your weight.
In this episode, I am going to share my quick and easy sandwich recipe. I refer this as Falafel or Beans Diet.
When I do not have time to make Falafel, I simply add boiled beans in my Sandwich!
Falafel is made with a combination of ground chick peas(other beans can be used as well), herbs and spices.
TIP 1: I usually bake or pan fry Falafel rather than deep frying to lower the fat.
Below is the list of Ingredients usually used to make this sandwich but you can always play around with it.
Falafel * Watch some of video recipes of Falafel or Veg Patties
Link to Indian Version of Falafel –
Pita bread or your favorite Multi Grain Brad
Vegetables(such as onion, bell pepper) & Herbs of your choice
sandwich pickles (optional)
Condiments such as Dressings, sauces, Guacamole, Mayo, Mustard…
Cheese, Oil
Salt & Pepper
Some Nutrition Facts: (Approximate only) per serving
Calories 377.4
Total Fat 11.4 g
Protein 16.4 g