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Homemade Idli Mix + Soft Fluffy Idli Making

Earlier, I shared how to make homemade mixes for making Idli, Khaman, Dhokla, Dosa, Vada, Uttapam and more. You can read the post here with video instructions. Being an Indian, specially Gujarati, steamed snacks are on my weekly menu such as Khaman, Dhokla, Idli, Vada, Dosa, Uttapam and more. So I keep my homemade flour mixes in bulk and use as needed to prepare recipes instant or just mix flour mix with water and let it ferment overnight and next day, just steam, provide great comfort for those busy days!
Over the years, I learned that you have to have right utensils, ingredients to prepare the food at it’s best. I highly recommend few things for this recipe like dome lid steamer, ENO Fruit Salt, and quality ingredients like rice and lentils, preferably organic. And if you are planning to make flour mixes at home, investment in Burr mill will be a great option.

To prepare Idli, I start with rice, lentils and few more ingredients. My standard measurement for making Idli is
1 cup Parboiled Rice
1 cup Long/short grain Rice
1/2 cup Black Gram, Split & Skinless
1/4 cup Beaten Rice (Poha) optional
2 tbsp Chana Dal (Bengal gram, split & skinless)
1 tsp Fenugreek Seeds
Now, if you don’t have parboiled rice, not to worry, you can just use one kind of rice which can be long/short grain rice. But I prefer to use parboiled rice for better Idli.
Parboiled rice takes less time to cook, and the cooked rice is firmer and less sticky. In India, parboiled rice is very popular in the southern states. It is preferred for making idlis and dosas, as well as kanji for babies and elders, as it is easier to digest and better in terms of nutrition than raw rice.
I usually prefer to keep all those ingredients mixed and preferably ground for quick, easy, instant recipes but there are few ways to prepare Idli. For traditional recipe, wash and soak all those ingredients at least 6-8 hours or an overnight, drain extra water, grind and allow it to ferment another 6-8 hours or an overnight. But I have my own way of preparing this recipe, I keep ground flour mix and prepare Idli instant or just let batter ferment.
Below is the video instructions for making Idli flour mix and making soft fluffy Idli using homemade Idli flour mix.

Homemade Idli Flour Mix
Recipe Creator: Bhavna
  • 1 cup Parboiled Rice
  • 1 cup Long/short grain Rice Or just one kind of rice can be used
  • 1/2 cup Black Gram Split & Skinless (Urad Dal)
  • 1/4 cup Poha Beaten Rice (optional)
  • 2 tbsp Chana Dal Bengal Gram, split & Skinless- optional
  • 1 tsp Fenugreek Seeds Methi
  1. Mix all ingredient together in a big mixing bowl.
  2. Using dry grinder or burr mill, grind and store in a air tight container in a cool dry place for up to 6 months.

Once you have the flour mix ready, trust me, you will want to make this kind of recipes often as it becomes lot more easier to manage.
Now, when you are ready to prepare the idli form the flour mix, all you have to do is add water to the flour mix and prepare idli instant or let the batter ferment.
Soft Fluffy Idli from Homemade Flour Mix
Recipe Creator: Bhavna
  • 2+1/4 cup Homemade Idli Flur Mix
  • Water as needed
  • Salt as per taste
  • 1/2 ENO Fruit Salt if desired
  1. Take the flour mix into a mixing bowl.

  2. Add water as needed to prepare the batter.

  3. Now, there are two ways to use the batter. Prepare Idli instant by adding ENO or let the batter ferment overnight. ENO should be added right before steaming the idli.

  4. When ready to steam, prepare the steamer by adding enough water.

  5. Grease the idli mold with oil and keep aside.

  6. Heat steamer on a high heat.

  7. Add ENO into the batter and stir well. Pour batter into the idli molds.

  8. Insert the trays into the steamer safely and cover the lid.

  9. Steam for about 15 minutes or longer depending on the size of idli.

  10. After 15 minutes, turn off the stove. Wait for about 5-10 minutes, open the steamer carefully.

  11. Remove the idli trays carefully and place onto the counter.

  12. Let idli cool slightly and remove idli one by one from the molds by using knife. Run knife on the edges and remove the idli. 

  13. Serve steamy idli with Sambhar and Chutney.

Recipe Notes

Steamed idli can stay areat up to 4-5 days into the refrigerator and perfect for lunchbox.


I am Bhavna a mother of two. My life is full of activities and I love sharing my passion for food, fitness, fashion, gardening, traveling and more on my YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram and many other platforms. I was born and raised in India but reside in the USA at present.

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