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Homemade Diwali Special Mithai Sweet

Make at Home Indian Mitha Paan Kaju Badam Kopra Mithai Sweets Video Recipe | Bhavna’s Kitchen

In this episode, I am sharing the secrets of shop kind mithai to make at home and even you can open your own shop!

To Prepare Mitha Paan stuffing in a big quantity, you will need following but some ingredients can be left out like dry pineapple or papaya

2 lb Cashews, Raw & Unsalted
1 lb Raw Fennel Seeds(Fine variety)
2 lb Sun Flower Seeds, roasted, unsalted
2 lb Pumpkin Seeds (aka Magaztari in India)
1 lb Raisins
2 lb Dried Papaya
2 lb Dried Pineapple
1 lb Dried Dates (aka Kharek)
2 lb Dried Coconut, Ground and sugar free)
1 lb Tutty Fruity
1 lb Glazed Cherries
3 Bottles Kashmiri Heera Moti
4-5 Bottle Minaxi Chantney (if big bottles 2-4)
1 bottle Rose Essence
4-5 Bottle Gulkand (2-4 if big container)

For the Outer Paan Layer:
1.5 tin Condensed milk (600 gm) or as needed
15 to 20 fresh Betel paan
3 cups Coconut, ground fine
3 cups Almond or cashew powder or your choice of nuts
2 to 3 cups milk powder or less is fine or leave out and use coconut and nut powder more.

If desired add, blend of cardamom, cloves & saffron for the flavor

Edible silver warak leaves can be used to decorate.

Below is the video instructions to prepare mitha paan sweet.


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