Making Yogurt in Electric Pressure Cooker

Store-bought yogurt may be convenient but it can’t compare to the mild creaminess of homemade. And not only that, it can be expensive for people like me who eat yogurt everyday. The good news is that making yogurt is incredibly easy using the following method and an electric pressure cooker for the easiest and yummiest way to make homemade yogurt.
Yogurt is Rich in Important Nutrients. Yogurt contains some of nearly every nutrient that your body needs. It’s known for containing a lot of calcium, a mineral necessary for healthy teeth and bones. It also contains bacteria that aid digestion. As a result, people who experience discomfort, bloating or gas after consuming liquid milk or ice cream can often tolerate yogurt without symptoms. I simply adore yogurt as my all time favorite snack with some toppings or mixed with some flavors.
For those who are following Keto diet, plain yogurt is perfect and safe to eat.

And while yogurt requires at least five hours to incubate, there’s only about 30 minutes or less of active time. You can even make the yogurt before going to bed and let it incubate overnight. I usually prefer 6 hours of time to incubate yogurt for mild flavor, for sour yogurt, let the yogurt incubate at least 8 hours or longer.
For your first few batches, I recommend to use whole milk, because it produces a naturally thick final product. However, yogurt can be made with skim or low-fat milk—it just will probably be a bit thinner than store-bought varieties, which often contain thickeners.
Once you get your hand well on making plain yogurt, you can then play around with flavors or variety of yogurt like greek yogurt and sour cream.
Below is the video instructions for making yogurt in an electric pressure cooker.

I use Cosori Electric pressure cooker and it comes with yogurt function. Premium version comes with boil function as well in yogurt feature. I mostly prefer to boil milk using sauté function for thicker yogurt. When I use built in function for boiling the milk, it does make great yogurt but slightly thin compared to the manual boiling method. The recipe below is for 6 qt Electric pressure cooker. For 2 qt cooker, take 4 cups milk and 2 tbsp of starter.

Plain Yogurt
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
20 mins
Recipe Creator: Bhavna
  • 8 cups whole milk
  • 1/4 cup plain yogurt with active live bacterial cultures
  1. ADD the milk to the Cosori Pressure Cooker.
  2. SELECT Sauté and press Start/Cancel.
  3. COOK the milk until it reaches 180°F, or begins to boil.
  4. POUR the milk out of the pressure cooker into a heat-proof container and cool the milk down to 115°F. Clean the inner pot.
  5. WHISK in your starter until it is fully incorporated with the milk.
  6. TRANSFER the milk and yogurt mixture back to the pressure cooker pot.
  7. SECURE THE LID on the pressure cooker, making sure the pressure release valve is in the locked position.
  8. SELECT Yogurt and press Start/Cancel. The longer you incubate your yogurt, the thicker and tangier it will be.
  9. QUICK RELEASE and carefully open the lid.
  10. MIX the yogurt and serve warm or store in the fridge.