Instant Pot Electric Cooker Recipes

Pressure cooking is getting popular with new inventions and safety features. Pressure cooking is only a few hundred years old, and it only really became popular for home use in the last century. When I was a child, using first-generation pressure cookers was still considered a bit dangerous. They didn’t have all the built-in safety mechanisms of modern pressure cookers. I’ll never forget how I first learned about pressure cookers. I was about 10 years old only or I exactly don’t even remember, and I saw one explode. Daal(Lentil) on the ceiling! On the cabinets! almost all over the kitchen..what a mess! I got never discouraged though to use pressure cooker in my daily cooking. And now that time has changed, I am more confident than ever to use pressure cooker in my kitchen. But I am transitioning to electric pressure cooker as it has more safety features and fairly easy to use with more cooking options.
When it comes to cooking Indian food, pressure cooker helps to minimize cooking time. Pressure cooking has given “fast food” a whole new meaning! I have been using stove top pressure cooker for years now to make life easier but just recently, I got to experiment on Electric Pressure cookers. I have 7-in-1 appliances in one mini pot now! I use steam, sauté, slow cook, bake, beans, multigrain functions frequently in my electric pressure cooker. Pressure Cooker saves my 70% cooking time and energy to prepare a delicious meal for the whole family in a short time after a long day of hard work. With the extra accessories, cooking becomes more interesting and creative. Imagine coming home to savory soups, hearty stews, or sweet desserts packed with the necessary vitamins and nutrients, begin your food journey.
Foods cooked in pressure cooker, retain most of their nutrients and are tastier. Electric pressure cooker keeps my kitchen cooler, and requires very less cleaning.
Few months ago, one of the company “Cosori” offered me to try their new line of electric pressure cooker. It is hard to convince me to use products but this product won my heart immediately. And I agreed to try their cooker. Before I also tried Power Pressure cooker and I still love that one as well. Since my Indian cooking mostly starts with sautéing, I like to use Cosori brand better as the product have sauté function in it. Instant Pot is also very popular and mostly all brands out there works almost the same but depending on your needs, you can choose the one that fits your needs.
When it comes to comparing stove top vs electric pressure cooker, I love them both equally. But if you are new to pressure cooking, I recommend to invest in electric pressure cooker as it offers more safety features and easy to use functionality. I also love the fact about electric version that it cooks quietly, so if you have children, electric pressure cooker offers lot of benefits. Few more features I love about electric pressure cooker are
-Totally digital, makes it lot more easier to follow with some pre-set cooking ingredients compared to stove top
– Schedule cooking time to be ready when I want
– Keep warm
What else to ask for?
I’ve recently moved to almost exclusively using electric pressure cookers – they fit better with my lifestyle as busy mom. I have not abolished stovetops completely from my kitchen. I still pull out a stovetop pressure cooker to test cooking times, recipes and try new techniques.