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Healthy Everyday Kadhi

This Kadhi is one of my favorite. Many healthy ingredients go into this Kadhi such as fresh turmeri roots, ginger root, mango ginger root and so on. This hot yogurt soup is best during cold. It can be served with Plain rice, Khichdi and many other rice dishes. Below, you will find recipe about how …

Appetizers Basics Gujarati Gujarati Shaak/Subjis Main Course No Onion Garlic North Indian Soup

Lagna (Gujarati Wedding) Kadhi

This Kadhi is specially prepared during Lagna(Gujarati wedding). The only difference between our everyday Gujarati Kadhi and this Lagna Kadhi is few ingredients and thickness. During Lagna, cook add banana into this Kadhi and also add cinnamon sticks, cloves and lot of other whole spices. In everyday Kadhi, we add some healthy roots such as …