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Curries you might not have heard or tried about yet

Get inspired to make exotic curries. Now, there are lot more curries from around the world but here I have listed some only that I usually prepare and feel free to drop your favorite in the comment below and it will be great if you share few details about the recipe as well.
To me, I look for curry options in many ways. It doesn’t have to be my traditional curry recipes only, I just love to prepare curry out of some random stuff.
You can watch all video recipes for variety of delicious curries. They may not look so appealing but taste amazing!
1. Winter tonic Fresh Turmeric Curry

2. Protein pack Falfel Curry

3. Plantain Curry

4. Bhega Dal Bhaat

5. Turaya Patra Curry

6. Ripe Banana Curries

7. Suran (Elephant Yam) Curry

8. Vadi or Wadi nu Shaak

9. Bhagat Muthiya or Daal Kofta Curry

10. Akhi Makai nu Shaak


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