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Healthy Hot Lunch Ideas

It’s time to break out the Thermoses! Soups, pastas, Mac & Cheese, noodles and  Rice Beans are perfect for school lunches. A warm Thermos lunch is as comforting as it gets—especially when there is creamy pasta or other delicious food inside.

Now you must be thinking, do people use thermoses anymore? I would say not many, but I just love to use them to pack my kids lunch during winter or when they would like to have certain food warm during school lunch time. In a way, it seems like thermoses have gone “out of style”. I could be wrong, but it just seems like people don’t use them all that much anymore.
Well, I’d like to revive those wonderful gadgets! What better way to take a nice warm meal to school or lunch than in a thermos?! I have two thermos food jars for my two kids shown in image below and I am so happy I made the right choice and bought them.
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My younger son takes many Indian food happily in thermos food jar such as Dhokla, Khaman, rice and more!
If you are giving soup in thermos then I recommend to give extra boiling hot water in another thermos cup to adjust soup consistency. I have trie with Vegetable stock even. Just fill cooked veggies, beans, noodles or any of your favorite cooked hot food inside the thermos jar, take hot boiling water or stock in another thermos bottle and believe me or not, you will just love your lunch from now on. Below you can find some more recipe videos to make and carry with you from tomorrow. You can certainly prepare few recipe ahead of time, reheat before filling in the thermos jar and enjoy!



or enjoy delicious Soup Recipes


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