My New Year’s Food/Diet Fitness Resolutions

Who doesn’t start the New Year pledging to begin a new healthier lifestyle?
I am planning to start the new year out right with these tips and recipes sure to put me on the path to success. 2017 was just great for me and looking forward to the best in 2018!
Amid a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, it’s good to remember that some things in this world are constant. Like food. For what it’s worth, we will continue to eat food in 2018. In that spirit, here are some staffers’ personal food resolutions for the new year.
As usual, I am planing to stick to my diet plan of soup, sandwich, Indian dinner meal and more but as I explore new ingredients I am sure to add more this year.

While my friends are busy buying diet books and declaring what they won’t eat in 2018, I am thinking of new resolutions to expand my palates, my counter space, and my social lives. Here are a few suggestions for resolutions that will make 2018 a delicious year.
Whole grains like quinoa, oat, barley and more will be on my plate. A plant-based diet is rich in healthy ingredients like whole grains, produce, nuts, legumes and soy.
I would like to work more on clean eating. I already eat lot of veggies and fruits but now, its a time for me to teach my kids how to make food more exciting. Serving the food in certain way can make people to eat their fruits and veggies more.
Not only food but I want to polish my yoga routine and planning to join a Gym which I have been thinking for almost 3 years now but I could never make it to gym!