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Power of Flax Seeds

Flax Flax seeds are winter super food. I normally consume Flax Seeds couple of months in winter every year. DO NOT CONSUME Flax seeds excessively. Flax Seeds should be taken moderately. A tbsp of Flax seeds a day is just good enough. I have been using Flax seeds for few years now and I have to say that I have felt tons of health and beauty benefits of it. I always have had good hair growth, but lately, it’s been growing like crazy and I thought to myself what changes I made to my diet and surprisingly, it came out to be Flax Seeds. Of course, I increased some yoga poses as well but after the research of Flax Seeds, I am sure that Flax seeds is the most helping me for my better hair growth. I use Flax in original seeds form, meal/ground/powder and even in Gel form to use it in different recipes and for other remedies. I prefer organic variety and I kind of like the taste of golden flax better over brown/bronze flax, but I assume all variety has the same benefits. I use roasted golden flax seeds for my mouth freshener/digestion mix, so basically to eat directly, while I use brown variety for baking/cooking. Below are some videos to give you an idea how I incorporate Flax Seeds in my daily diet, and even for special occasions.


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