Rotimatic Review – A Roti, Puri, Tortilla, Pizza Base making Robot

Let me introduce Rotimatic first. Rotimatic is the world’s first fully integrated solution
that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, puffs and delights. All in one! I agree with the rotimatic team slogan – Fresh Rotis At A Touch · Wifi Enabled · Cleaning Is A Breeze · Every Roti Puffs
I only have to clean one small container after every use. The three ingredient loading containers do not need cleaning unless it gets messy. Since Rotimatic is a great invention, I would say one of its kind, invented by Indian-origin couple Pranoti Nagarkar and Rishi Israni in 2008, I thought of sharing my unbiased review. Would like to hear from other Rotimatic owners? Click Here for more reviews.
Watch the quick video below to see how Rotimatic works.

It is more than just making rotis, it can make puris, tortillas, pizza base and more. Every single day, I use many appliances in my daily routine including Washer/Dryer, Dish Washer, Stove/oven and more to make my everyday life easier. I have also invested in some small appliances like Electric cooker, air fryer, griddle and so on for convenience cooking. Every year, I invest in one appliance at a time. Here is what I think, when I go to restaurant, I spend minimum $50. I rather take that amount and invest in long term appliance to cook yummy food on my own.
Rotimatic was designed as a platform to make any type of flatbread. It connects to internet and upgrades with features that add more variety to your table and parties.
Rotimatic is a kitchen robot which makes rotis & wraps at the touch of a button. Rotimatic allows one to choose thickness and roast levels of the rotis and also control the oil content in each roti. Rotimatic is an IoT enabled device that allows remote operation, troubleshooting and software upgrades. Rotimatic is a compact robot designed to fit elegantly in a modern kitchen. It weighs about 20 kgs and measures 40cm x 40cm x 32 cm. So for some kitchen, it might be bulky and space taking.
Watch the video below for more experience.

The Rotimatic do not offer roti just like handmade but I have seen many people struggling for making roti. So for those who can’t make roti and buy from outside, I would recommend to invest in Rotimatic. But again, one has to think about the price and space in the kitchen.
Think about the lifestyle, after a long tiring day, you may like to have comfy cozy dinner which includes freshly baked aromatic Rotis with quick curries made in the pressure cooker and have relaxing family time!
I am a pro at roti making but honestly, I can use as many hands as possible for my house chores. And many of us struggle to feed our family a healthy food with busy lifestyle. We are family of six and raising two active kids. I totally know how some days can get little too hectic.
Many people has been asking if the unit worth buying. In my opinion, it depends on individual needs.
Now, let me highlight my keynotes about the rotimatic, my personal experience. I personally think that the rotimatic is very versatile for making many flat breads. I am impressed with it just because it can make multigrain roti for me with ease. Usually some gluten free and multigrain flours are hard to work with and Rotimatic can do the job easily.
The only drawback for me is that the roti comes out thick. Even at thinnest level, it comes quiet thick, like paratha kind which I enjoy with many lentil, beans and paneer curries but not with my Gujarati thali. Many regions in India prepare Rotis thick and well cooked, so for those Rotimatic is perfect.
I can see lot of potential with Rotimatic if the company can reduce the price and add more features. At present, I can see myself making lot of stuff using Rotimatic such as to make wrappers for Kathi Roll or many rolls, Mexican tortilla and pita bread. In fact, there is a whole owner community on Facebook where the owners share their recipes, tips and trick for using Rotimatic efficiently.
Overall, great invention but high pricing can be a big challenge for the company to bring the product in the market easily.

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