Appetizers Shitala Satam Randhan Chhath

Shitala Satam Vrat & Cold Food Randhan Chhath

Shitala Satam Vrat is observed in the month of Sravana on the seventh day of the dark fortnight. On this day Shitalamata’s puja is performed after taking bath with cold water. One cold meal is eaten during the day.
Mothers perform special pujas and offer prayers to Shitla Mata. There is a popular belief that with the blessings of Goddess Shitala, children and other will be protected from numerous contagious diseases like chicken pox etc. Food cooked on previous day known as Randhan Chhath(all food is cooked on this day and) is eaten on the Shitala Satam day. The Vrat Katha is …..
Shitaladevi is offered cooked food and ghee. On this day cold food is eaten; the food that was cooked the previous day (cooked on chhatthi or sixth day). For the vratdhari (one who observes this vrat), it is forbidden to eat warmed or hot food on this day.
The faith behind this is this will prevent diseases ori and similar. The scientific reason behind this may be by eating previous day food (with bacteria) will increase immunity.

Foods like Masala or plain puris, Vada, Thepla, Dhakla, Handvo, Bhakri, Dry Sabjis like Bhinda, Laddu, Muthiya, Patra or Pateria kind of food is prepared that can stay mostly up to 3 days or more.

Below is the list of video recipes made during Randhan Chhath Shitala Satam.

For detail recipes, browse through the following posts.

Shitala Satam Vrat & Cold Food Randhan Chhath

Shitala Satam Vrat is observed in the month of Sravana on the seventh day of the dark fortnight. On this ...
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