Sarasiya Khaja

Come monsoon, every Surti household will enjoy Khaja with mango pulp. There are special delicacies for each season in Surat. If ponk and undhiya rule in winter, it is mangoes in summer. Sweets like ghebar and ghari are a must in the menu during the festive season of Diwali. And, lochho remains an all-time hit.
Khaja, which means just eat it, surfaced in late 1880s. Hasmukh Ghariwala, 82, said, “During those days, the city used to have a horse race on four weekends of Aashad month of the Hindu calendar year. The race was held at Ghod Dod Road of today. The race used to start from Athwa police chowky and ended at Langar in Dumas. Some Krishnabhaktas are believed to have made this khaja. They used to distribute it before and after the race to people. It tasted wonderful with bowls of mango pulp.”