Easy Cheese Pops

Easy Cheese Pops or Balls
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
5 mins
Total Time
15 mins
Recipe Creator: Bhavna
  • Crescent rolls dough/Flaky pizza dough 8 Ounce (Pillsbury)- Pizza dough can be used.
  • Extra virgin olive oil 2 Tablespoon
  • Garlic clove 1 , mince
  • Finely chopped fresh herbs 1 Teaspoon (or 1/2 tsp dry herb)
  • Mozzarella cheese 1 Cup (16 tbs), shredded
  • Cream cheese 2/3 Cup (10.67 tbs)
  • Italian cheese 1/4 Cup (4 tbs) (any hard cheese or parmesan)
  • Salt and pepper To Taste
Things You Will Need
  • Cake pop maker or Oven to bake
  • cake pop sticks - Optional. Can be served as just Cheese balls
  1. 1. On floured surface, unroll dough and roll into 1/8-inch thin sheet. Set aside.
  2. 2. In a small bowl, combine olive oil, herb, garlic, and salt. Mix well and spread the mixture on the dough.
  3. 3. Cut the dough into equal sized squares and set aside.
  4. 4. In a separate bowl, mix together mozzarella, Italian cheese, and cream cheese. Season with pepper and mix well.
  5. 5. Place ½ tablespoon of cheese mixture and in the center of each dough square. Seal well and roll dough into balls as shown in the video.
  6. 6. Bake in preheated cake pop maker for about 2-3 minutes or until nice and golden. Remove from oven and insert cake pop sticks into each.
  1. 7. Garnish with parsley and serve with marinara sauce.
  1. You can bake in a preheated 350 degree F oven until nice and golden.