Til Gur ke Laddu / Ladoo – Sesame Seeds Balls

Ladoo, or sometimes spelled laddo or laddu, is the Indian word for any ball- shaped sweet. Ladoo is made with all sorts of ingredients from fruits and vegetables to grains and legumes! This particular dessert is especially popular during winter months as sesame is thought to have heating properties. These laddus are must during Makar Sakranti(aka Maghi or Utarayan or Utran) festival of India. These laddus are easy to make with roasted sesame (Til) and Jaggery (Gur).

Til Laddu can be made by using Sesame seeds only or crushed peanut can be added as well.
Til Ke Ladoo
Recipe Creator: Bhavna
  • 1 cup Sesame seeds Til/Tal
  • 1 teaspoon Ghee
  • 2/3 cup Jaggery Gud/Gur
  • 1/4 cup Crushed Peanuts Groundnut - Optional but enhances flavor
For Greasing
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ghee
  • Method for making Til Ke Ladoo
  1. Roast the sesame seeds till they turn golden brown color and keep aside.
  2. Take a pan. Add ghee and then the jaggery.
  3. Saute it over a slow flame till it caramelises.
  4. This is seen by adding a drop in cold water, if it forms a hard ball it is perfectly done.
  5. Put off the gas and now add the roasted til and peanuts to the melted jaggery and mix thoroughly.
  6. Grease your palm with little ghee and shape the til mixture.
  7. Til ke ladoo are ready to serve.


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