Nowadays, some of the making of pickles and chutneys that at one time in India was done entirely in people’s homes has passed over into commercial production. The disadvantage of commercial chutneys and those produced in western style with vinegar and large amounts of sugar is that the main aim of sugar and vinegar as preservatives is to make the product safe for long-term consumption. Regular consumption of these products (as distinct from the original Indian array of fresh relishes) can add to total sugar, consumption being increased to unhealthy levels.
Chutneys are fairly easy and quick to make, so I never compromise to buy them from the stores. I actually tried one time mint chutney from Indian grocery and I had to throw away the whole bottle as the flavor wasn’t pleasant at all…
Once you get the habit of making your own chutneys and pickles, believe me or not, your family will start eating more healthier food ever. Chutney and pickle bring instant flavor to any boring food. So when I want to serve some healthy recipes, I jazz up with condiments and the whole family eat happily.