Looking for egg free cooking/baking? You have come to the right place. Egg makes baking so easy but I have taken challene of baking without egg and I have been cooking/baking without egg for so many years now and I will be sharing my passion here for my eggless recipes. These recipes are tested and works great but feel free to ask questions. The very first thing, you want to learn is about egg substitutes. I have shared list of used to replace egg and if you know other substitutes, please share here so it can help many others.

Here you will find simple and innovative eggless vegetarian and vegan cooking recipes from cuisines around the world. You can also request recipes and I will try my best to post recipes here. I love to learn and share so don’t forget to share recipes of yours as well.

Many people ask me a question, why without egg? There are many reasons for not using egg such as some people are alergic to egg and some do not eat due to religeous belief. I personally don’t like taste and smell of eggs. So far, I had success in most recipes. Everytime, I try something, comes out perfect. I had couple of disaster as well but I learned lot out of those failures as well.

I keep visitng natural and health department stores for something new. Many health stores carry products that you can’t find in supermarkets. So try to find store near you and cooking will get more interesting for you.

Eggless Carrot Cake

February 3rd is the “National Carrot Cake Day”. And for me it is a great…Read More