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Quinoa Lentil Oat Khichdi – Stew

Goodness of everything in one single pot! This Khichdi is made with Quinoa, Lentil, Oat, Rice and vegetables to make it diabetic friendly and low in carb. Your choice of vegetables can be added. I usually love to make this Khichdi on the go these days as it is so quick and easy to make …

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Shahi Dawat Khichdi – Royal Rice Lentil Vegetable Stew

Shahi Mughlai cuisine is one that has stood the test of time. Brought to our country by the Mughals, it continues to be a favourite, especially on special occasions that call for rich food. Loaded with ghee, dry fruits, nuts, saffron, and other dairy products and spices, authentic Mughal cuisine is very rich and heavy. …

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Vegetable Frankie or Bombay Burrito | Kati Rolls

A kati roll (mostly misspelled as kathi roll; Bengali: কাঠি রোল) or Frankie is a street-food dish originating from Kolkata, India. Also known as Bombay Burrito these days! In its original form, it is a skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in a paratha bread, although over the years many variants have evolved all of which now go …

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Kela Methi Thepla – Banana Fenugreek Flat Bread

Awesomeness of Calcium, Protein, Iron and more! I adapted this recipe from fritters that are made using Besan(gram Flour), methi(Fenugreek leaves) and banana. When I made first time, I simply fell in love with these Theplas. These Theplas can go very well with any curry.