Lunch Ideas

Looking for lunch time recipes? Here you can find the recipes ranging from home lunch to school or work lunch as well. I also love to share hot lunch ideas for school and work. When my kids started school, I was determined to pack them healthy, nutritious and satisfying lunches. After serving them everyday lunch, by this time, I have learned a lot what to pack and what not for them. Sometimes, It takes several experiments to figure out what really they would love to eat at school. We as a grown up can compromise but kids don’t. I am happy that my kids are not complaining about lunch box food at all as I pack them with extra care. I strongly recommend to keep seasons in mind, such as in summer, I mostly pack them cold food and in winter hot food. Everyday, I ask them for their next day’s lunch menu and if they don’t come up with their ideas, I just go ahead and involve them in deciding what they want by giving them some options and it works really great. By the way, I have two growing kids and both of them have totally different tastebuds and so most of the time, I end up making two different things for them. So here you will find lot of ideas, trick and tips.

Chickpea Burger

Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) and some vegetables are mashed together with flour to make perfect burgers.